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default gateway


default gateway


has anyone got an idea what the default gateway is?? i am trying to set up a new modem.

default gateway

a default gateway is only used when u use an external box / proxy to connect to the net.. with a modem you have no need.

eg :

net - router < lan

the gateway on all the pcs would be the routers ip, however ur set up

net - medem - pc

would mean that there is no need.. unless u have

net - moden - pc - shared to the lan

then the ip of that pc would be your gateway

default gateway

You do need a Gateway. Things simply wouldn't work unless you did.

For the question, you can normaly leave these blank, along with your WAN IP, Subnet mask and DNS servers.

These should be automaticly assigned to your system when you connect.

Connections, be they through a network, or a modem all require a gateway address. This is used as the next node in the chain.