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Hi my friend is thinking of joining plusnet, on broadband he is going to get a landline installed, he has his own broadband modem, and wants to go pay as u go,
now as he is not with any isp does he have to pay instalation fee?
or can he come straight in and just pay £14.99 per month?
clarification would be nice thankyou.

And if all goes well i want to do a referal info on this please thanks


As he is a new customer, he will have to pay an activation fee. The £14.99 offer normaly only applies to migrations.

This is where a customer is moving from an existing broadband ISP to another.

If you wish to perform a Referal, I suggest reading up about word-of-mouth raferals.

This can be done by:

1: Clicking "Make a Referral" on the left of this page
2: Click "Word of mouth".

This screen explains what they will see, what they need to type and what information you need to give them for this.


right ) i should have asked how much) can you please tell me how much it is for activation then please thanks for your info Cheesy