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connection speed and pricing


connection speed and pricing

I started off with PN on the dial up i upgraded to 1mbps with 2gb bandwidth then in 2002 i upgarded to 2mbps and 4gb bandwidth
and it was all fine until march of this year when suddenly my speed dropped to 1mbpd and it remains that way ohhhhh i do get 4.6 to 4.9 on the very very odd occasion
i have raised tickets with pn and got very little help accept do speed test which i have done countless times

If like all other pn customers do you connect to WipTech mine does and pn told me to unstall and try again and guess what i could not even get the vonnect to icon up
thank goodness i have perw quest which restored my pc otherwise i would never have a connection what so ever
anybody else having the same problems
and as for raising a tickets now i think you need a degree in rockets science
any help advice please
i am thinking of moving to sky broadband
the pricing pn tells me i am paying for 2mb sercice and because i can only get 1mb they are still charging me the £17.99 and say i cant reduce to the £9.99 madness or is just me
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connection speed and pricing

my speed dropped to 1mbpd

Per day? Or does it just seem like it?