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connection probs after BT changes


connection probs after BT changes

hiya all you frustrated people out there :?
having talked to plusnet regarding problem with netgear router DG 814
twice talked to plusnet they said talk to netgear!!!!
netgear told me to upgrade to lastest firmware which i did 4.10
still had problems!
spoke again 2day to them they had me factory reset unit and change
MTU to 900 not happy about MTU size (not sure what its all about anyway)

all i want is a good service

i know its probably BT's fault but it still doesn't help the little
people like us

if anyone can shed any light on the MTU size it might put my mind at ease
and if the info above helps anyone out (hope it helps me!! aswell)
then it was worth typing all this out , i hate typing,

ok bye for now see how long my link stays up!!!


Rob Cool

connection probs after BT changes

My only concern is, that if this has been a known issue since september 2003, how much longer will it take netgear to release a firmware update to fix the issue.

I have the dg824m and was thinking of getting the dg834g but apperently this model has issues too for some people.

Kind of leaves you in the dark as nobody has a solution, an ETA or can give any advise on what todo other than put up with it or shell out for a new router.

Netgear tech support told me to use an MTU of 1400 but im still getting disconnections. Others however have reported that this solved their problem.

connection probs after BT changes

to be honest, te best firmware for this modem is an older one - try getting 4.4 or something around that

i have upgraded to 4.10 and it seems less reliable than the one from which i upgraded
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connection probs after BT changes

I have a 3 year old DG814 running 4.10 firmware and have no disconnect problems at all. Just make sure the idle timeout is set to 0 as there are problems with it resyncing after it has dropped the connection due to a timeout. I also use an MTU of 1478.

You should not use a firmware version less than 4.8 because there was a bug in 4.7 and earlier which causes a DoS (denial of service) attack on a ntp time server in the US. If you do load an earlier firmware version make sure you perform a factory reset (small hidden button at the back) or you could have reliability problems. This is something you should do with any new fireware upgrade on this box - just make a note of any settings you made before the firmware change.

connection probs after BT changes

just to let you no that what netgear told me
did not work