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connection is going nuts losing sync


connection is going nuts losing sync

I've been on MaxDSL for a while now with a sync speed of 8000+ with no problems at all and now, since thursday I can't stay syncd for more than a couple of minutes at a time.
I've tried replacing filters, plugging the router into the master socket, disconnecting all telephones etc. I even tried an older safecom router which seems to hold up a little better than my new linksys one, so I'm using that.

I just don't understand why it would all of a sudden refusing to stay syncd for 5 mins with no change to hardware configuration at my end.

What do I do now?
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connection is going nuts losing sync

Hi Centy,

Sorry to hear you're having problems at the moment, which is not conducive to a good experience.

It seems like you've certainly eliminated your equipment from the equation up to the point of changing router.

Just some other things to try, as it might be a physical fault with the line that has only just manifested itself.

Try dialing 17070 which is the BT line test facility, and select option 2 which is the quiet line test - listen for any apparent noise on the line.

If you hear any noise then the chances are there's a fault with the line, which means you should raise a line fault with BT retail - word of warning though, please, whatever you do, don't mention you have a fault with broadband!!! as they will just tell you to talk to your ISP, meaning you will go round in ever decreasing circles.

Please bear in mind though, make sure that you're absolutely happy that your equipment and extensions at home are all in good working order, or you'll end up with a nice little bill from BT if they find it's your end.

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connection is going nuts losing sync

Thanks for the advise roger, I will look into it.

connection is going nuts losing sync

Centy, I have the same problem, where are you from anyway? I'm from Bath...

connection is going nuts losing sync

liverpool. When I can sync/connect correctly sometimes it acts normal other times I get like 1000kbps down / 256kbps up.. Could this have anything to do with Level 1 management being applied to my account?
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connection is going nuts losing sync

SAme problem with my Pnet ADSLmax line last June. Months of rock solid 4.6Mbps suddenly dropped every couple of minutes and on connected at 1.6Mbps or frequently less - even down to 116Kbps for 3 days so my upload was faster at 448Kbps than my "up to 8Mbps" download ! Turned out to be BT and Pnet turning on Interleaving "to improve th ereliability of your connection". Went through all the crud with filters, routers, master socket and internal wiring. EVENTUALLY BT after 2 months of "nothing wrong with your line, remote tests show no problems - you must have damaged the internal (CPE - Customer premises Equipment)came to look at the line and found TWO external faults! Slight improvemnet, but my return to stability was ONLY achieved with a "downgrade" back to 2Mbps and a nother BIG battle to get Pnet and BT to "unstick" the Max rate set on my connection of 1Mbps during the "improved" interleaving episode.
My own conclusion and talking to friends within BT's domestic and to be launched 21CN divisions, BT exchanges and copper circuits are (by and large) not up to the job - GOOD LUCK !