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connection drops


connection drops

Hi, can some one help please, I've upgraded another PC with a new hard drive for my daughter, and the internet connection drops after about 5 to 10 mins, but while connected it behaves like a new PC.I installed XP home, SP2+ updates, all devices and drivers are OK, I have also checked the USB ports within the BIOS.Reinstalled the Robotics 9000 Modem with updated drivers, everything in connections is normal or the same as my PC.
The Board is a MSI- KT4V with the ethernet disabled, it only has 256 sdram of ram at the moment.
I should also add the modem lights stay solid, yet the adsl utillty test would say no modem or Pass or fail everything,it then connects only after a re-boot.
Thanks for any input.
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connection drops

Sounds to me like a USB issue with your PC. Have you installed all the Motherboard drivers and do you have any other USB devices?

droped connection

Thank's for replying, It was my company's PC connected to a network, as far as know it was ok? when I first loadad XP it was missing the Host controller driver for USB which was a VIA. The only place I could locate the driver iwas on XP SP1(disk). As for Motherboard drivers, thats an area where I have not ventured, (a little nervous) I'll do some looking Cheers

connection drops

I had the same problem. My connection would work for about a minute and then it would drop, due to a username/password issue.

I managed to get my connection to stop dropping by disabling both of the software firewalls I have (Zonealarm and the one that comes with Windows XP). I have had to do this both before and after I reinstalled Windows XP. I am actually wondering if anyone else had to do this in order to keep the connection from dropping.


Thanks for your input, but my problem seem's to be USB. I have 4 port's rear and 2 on the front, it's the 4 on the rear that does not like the US-Robotics modem. Printer or scanner on the rear,with the modem pluged in the front no problem. I've been looking on the internet and there is an issue with some USB's and Motherboards. cheer's