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connection dropping and light just flashing.


connection dropping and light just flashing.

I've had adsl for 2 nights now - both nights, around 10:30pm to 11pm the connection has dropped and has not come back up for a while. i opened a ticket with plus last night to get bt to check out the line.

anytime in the past when i've tried the bt availability checker it has said i'm too far away. i tried last tuesday and "you can get 512 but nothing else!".
i tried after the extended reach service was launched but still it said i was too far away.

i've got a binatone 500 modem and some cheapy thing i bought in pc world (etec). both have problems. even when it is connected to the bt box it still does not connect.

could i actually be too far away for a reliable service?
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connection dropping and light just flashing.

If your line checked out OK for ADSL then you are not too far away. The BT checker based on postcode is just a guide and only the BT line test will determin if you can have ADSL or not.

There is a troubleshooter guide in the Customer Support page (see link bottom left) which you should read. Also check out the ADSL troubleshooter tutorial.

Check you have wired up the connection properly by reading the ADSL wiring tutorial in the tutorials and FAQs forum.

Are you using an ADSL filter/splitter on your modem. If not connect the modem to the wallsocket through the filter/splitter.

Have you tried connecting the modem directly to the master socket (the first socket connected to your phone line).

If you use an extension cable do you have another one to try.

Do you have all your normal phones connected through a filter/splitter? If not they must be - this also includes any sky boxes that need to connect to your phone line.

What is your PC spec?
Do you know what motherboard chipset your PC uses and have you installed the latest chopset drivers from the manufacturers web site. This can sometime solve USB problems.

When you are disconnected, is the power light on yout modem on or off - USB does have problems with power from the motherboard.


Peter Cool

connection dropping and light just flashing.

I used the phone number checker before and now. I just think it is very strange.

Definitely wired correctly - I've tried on 2 different machines. With 2 different modems (tried each modem with each machine).

I've tried connecting it to the master socket - it did not solve the problem last night.

Only thing on this line is the adsl modem.

p4 3.06ghz, 1.5gb ram. The powerlight is on - just the adsl light flashes.

It's working alright now. Only seems to be at night I have a problem.

Still waiting for plus to get back to me with the status from BT (fault or no fault).

Thanks very much for your help :-).