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connection droping


connection droping

Hello forum,

I've been with over 7 months ,

The problem i'm having is sometimes maybe once a week or once very two weeks my connection drops . In order to get it back up all i have to do is reboot the router. i have know tryed two diffrent router s BT 5861 with efficent ios and d-link dsl 504 both are doing the same thing. With the bt 5861 the link light for adsl stays green indicating a link but i still have to reboot the router in order to connect , I have spoken to few times but they indicate the problem is not at there end ,

Could this be at the BT exchange Huh

If so why does my connection not come back up automatically then me having to reboot.

Have any of you guys come across the same problem ??

As this is becoming very annoying>>

Thaks for help

connection droping

Firstly, one dropped connection every week / 2 weeks would not be considered a problem and would be considered a luxury for some people.

Most routers have an "automatic reconnect" option in the setup. Although BT recommend this option is not enabled (or they used recommend not enabled), this option has to be set to enabled for the router to reconnect.
Otherwise, you will have to reboot the router for it to reconnect.

connection droping

One thing to check: are you using the latest firmware for these devices? And are you doing anything special when the connection drops, or is it just random?

I personally use the Dlink DSL-504 aswell, and I know it definitley has an auto-reconnect option as cqg4uzg mentioned. As far as I know it is activated by defaulted (if I remove the phoneline connection to it then plug it back in the router connects by itself) so you shouldn't have problems with that.

connection droping

Thanks 4 reply,

With both of the routers if i unplug the adsl line of course the line goes down then i plug it back in they both reconnect automatically.

But i could wake up one morning try to surf the net and page can not be displayed pops up at that time the router led link light is still green ..

if i http in to router inteface WAN ip is is then i have to reboot in order to connect.. As far as the routers concern its connected it has not dectected any line fault because the link led is green.

But why do i loose ip from the wan side on both router and have to reconnect i have checked twice on d-link dsl 504 that auto reconnect is enabled but it still happens HuhHuhHuhHuh??

p.s i do have static address despite this i stilll have to reboot

and yes i agree im thankfull it only happens not so often ..

Thanks again

connection droping

Chances are you have a mains power problem. It could be voltage spikes or the inverse, low voltage or even some EMI/RFI. Either can cause the processor in the router to "crash".
In the case of spikes or EMI/RFI, a surge protected and filtered extension block should cure it.
PC World, although not the cheapest, do a whole range of them, including filters to protect the phone line input.

connection droping


Thanks for the info,

I will diffently try out the extension filter and surge protector to see what diffrence it makes ..