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connection degrading over time


connection degrading over time

When i had ADSL installed in January my line tested by the BT engineer as…
Line attenuation - 44.5 db, signal - noise ratio - 21.5.
I am 3.5 km from the exchange. I then got speeds of 1700 - 1900 kbs and i was very happy.

In May my speeds dropped to 800 - 900 kbs and today i got 550 kbs ( BT speedtest & Plusnet speedtest ).
Now my line tested from the master socket is:
Line attenuation - 53 - 54.5 db, signal - noise ratio - 13.5 - 17.4

Any ideas ? How has the line deteriorated so much ? Could my microfilter ( i have only one ) be the problem ?
I am on Plusnet Home 2mb + service. : Cry
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connection degrading over time

If the test figures are at the master socket then it isn't the filter, because that is after the socket. I would guess it is probably a bad connection somewhere between the exchange and your socket, in which case it is BT's responsibility. Whether they will bother to do anything about it I wouldn't like to say, but it is worth asking. The fact that you have test figures from a BT techie showing a deterioration in the line should work in your favour.

Going from 44.5dB to 54.5dB is actually a ten times higher attentuation (it is a logarithmic scale) so it is a big deterioration.

connection degrading over time

Thanks Denzil,

I spoke to BT and they suggest asking PlusNet to increase the " Gain" on my line.

Think this will work ?

They would not send an engineer to check the line as it is not totally dead !

If I signed up to BT broadband they would probably fix it pronto, i think !

I know that something happend in May to my line or at the exchange but how can i get it fixed ?


connection degrading over time

I spoke to BT and they suggest asking PlusNet to increase the " Gain" on my line.

Which ever kind BT advisor told you that was pulling your leg. This is impossible for an isp to do.

Firstly BT retail cannot talk to you about your adsl account, they have nothing to do with it. Your adsl is provided by BT Wholesale, and they will only speak with Plus net.

Your current speed tests would indicate an issue with the connection between you and the exchange or contention at the exchange.

You would be best raising a ticket to Support, having first checked your filter.

BT retail will oly send an engineer if there is a problem with the voice side of your line.
Hope that helps a bit.

connection degrading over time

um i dont think u can have the gain on the lin upped. Before broadband we had the gain increased but they had to remove the increase when asdl kicked in.