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computer speed


computer speed

im having a few problems with the speed of my computer
it runs quite slow
the specification is amd athlon xp 2400+, 256mb ram and win xp
its defragmented, no viruses, no adware and no spyware
for example it takes like 5 mins to fully load at startup
this is to my knowledge unacceptable, but cant understand the cause of this problem
can anyone help?

computer speed

It might be the fact you have only 256ram. Or you have a lot on the hard disk. I think this is in the wrong place by the way

long Boot-up time

Try deleting the files in C:windows/prefetch. If you have ten or hundreds of files these will load at bootup and take ages.

Windows will rebuild the prefetch folder after anyway.

You can also change the registry to include a flag to onlt prefetch boot files.

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computer speed

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