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change of address!!


change of address!!

PlusNet Speed Test

Your current speed is:


Which means you can download at 59.9 KB/sec. from our servers. Our results show that your current speed is below the level we would expect for your product, you may be able to increase the speed of your connection by adjusting your settings.

53.3 kbps 56k Dial Up
64 kbps ISDN 1 Channel
128 kbps ISDN Dual Channel
460 kbps ADSL 500
479.2 kbps YOU
920 kbps ADSL 1000
1840 kbps ADSL 2000

The following table shows the speeds you achieved from previous runs of the speed tester:

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
16-02-2006 13:52:44 418.4
16-02-2006 13:52:03 475.6
13-02-2006 20:29:54 481.6

Here is the thing guys ! after moving only round the corner in the same village only a change of telephone numbers i thought how easy same exchange and i thought same speeds how peed offf was i
my old 1meg on the old address has now become 512k on my new address can anyone shed some light :roll:
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change of address!!

Does your ADSL equipment show line stats? If so please post and they will tell you what speeds your line is capable of running at.

While you may be in the same village, your line length to the exchange may have increase to the extent that it can only support a 512Kbs connection now.

Also what does the BT ADSL checker say the max your line can support. If that says 512Kbs then that is why BT have only provisioned you onthat speed.

Also what speed is your ADSL equipment syncing at?

Finally the PlusNet speed checker's statement that your speed is below what hey would expect appears to indicate PN think you are actually on a >512Kbs line.

Finally 2, what product are you on and how much have your downloaded this month during the peak periods?

change of address!!

the binatone adsl500 dosn,t do that i think

is there any programs 2 find out the info you need 2 help me ?
as for the syncing i don,t know Cry
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change of address!!

go to

Click ADSL status this should give you all the stats

change of address!!

8am to 4pm usage this month:

4pm to midnight usage this month:

Total usage this month:

i was on the 29.99 premier 1meg packaged but i changed addresses thinking i would be automatically on the same but i think i have been down graded 2 512k according 2 this stats page

This advance notice is to inform you that payment of £29.49, for your
PlusNet Internet account will soon be taken, on or after 26/01/2006. This
email is for your information only, as no action is necessary on your part
to complete this payment.

Please note - It is important that your payment details are valid and you
have sufficient funds in your account on 26/01/2006 as failure to do so
will result in your PlusNet Broadband Home Premier 1Mb (Monthly Contract,
No Modem) - Original - original account being disabled.

as you see last month i paid full price 1meg but my money for this month is due off in 2 days
i am still paying for 1 meg premier and only getting 512k :s over 2 you