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cancellation fee


cancellation fee

just signed up - had broadband but i cancelled it. didnt get the free month... used monthly billing. i hope i can close the account in 3 months because i dont need it after - will there be a cancellation.fee or will you actually allow the account to be closed without a fine?
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cancellation fee

The best way to find out who much it will cost you is to use the support wizard to ask PlusNet Customer Service.

If its a new activation and you have not paid for activation up front then there will be at least a £47 to cover the activation charges that PlusNet have to pay BT.

Its a rather expensive mistake to make.

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cancellation fee

Did you sign up to the 'free' activation and modem offer - i.e. you did not pay your activation fee up-front and got an ADSL modem from PlusNet?

If so you will have to pay £47 for activation and £25 for the modem before you can leave.

If you paid for the activation and did not get a modem then you should have nothing more to pay except 1 more months payment due to the 30 day notice period.