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can't log on from XP


can't log on from XP

Here’s a strange thing I don’t understand - any ideas?

I’ve set up an old P2/350 computer to dual boot Win98 and Win XP (both from drive C: - not recommended by Uncle Bill, but it works fine), and installed a Dabs Conexant PCI ADSL modem, for which the latest drivers were installed separately for each system. Each system quickly locks on to the broadband carrier, but when attempting to log on to +net from XP I get:

Error 769 - Either you specified a destination address that was not valid or your remote server is down

Well, I know the remote server is not down because I can log on successfully any time from Win98 with identical settings. (ADSL: PPPoA, VPI=0, VCI=38, VCMUX - TCP: IP address = server assigned, primary/alt. server = /

Anyone any idea where I should look for the hidden setting that I’ve forgotten in XP which is causing Error 769?

can't log on from XP

Nothing "locks on to the broadband carrier",the modem syncs to the line.
Also server should be auto.

can't log on from XP

Thanks for correction - 'locks on to the line' is sort of what I was fishing for in my poor choice of language - can you suggest a URL where I could learn more about how ADSL works?.

I was under the impression from 'Quick Reference Server Details' in +net Technical Support Pages that primary and alternate server addresses should be specified.

Before I got ADSL, with a conventional modem, loggin on was quicker with specified server addresses than by using auto.
However I'll try making it auto (I'm not at the computer in question at present) and see if that fixes it.