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broadband problems


broadband problems

hi, my line is currently down due to a fault by BT, they are fixing the main outlet for my local town it was supposed to be back on at 4.30 but its not iv rang plusnet and they said just try every few hours. is there anywere i can get more info like what the fault is and when its going to be fixed?

and also some websites dont load anymore, they load half way then nothing else loads, does anyone know what the problem could be?

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broadband problems

Does the problem relate to yout normal voice line too?

If so, then raise a fault on the BT website, you should be able to setup a mobile number to receive SMS updates too.

If then possible, phone BT Faults, and get them to acknowledge it as a known issue, such that updates are still posted until it is closed.

If it only affects ADSL, then you can can view the BT Openworld service status screen, where you can see information on possible local issues. This can be seen HERE

broadband problems


do you know anything about my second problem?

some websites only loading half way?

broadband problems

Half loaded pages are a sign of a stalled connection.

This happens when data is dropped that much, the sender gives up sending it or your system gives up re-requesting it.

My sugestion is to get one problem out of the way for the time being. It is pointless trying to illiminate it when you can't do proper tests.

Some poitns I can give though.

Make sure all system drivers are up to date (some may seem unrelated, but can causes issues regardless).

Have you tried using a different browser?