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broadband problem (dlownload speeds)


broadband problem (dlownload speeds)

hello everyone

im on the 2meg connection
ive recently moved and moved my connection with plusnet now in my old house i was runnin on a 2.2Mb connection and everything was fine download speeds were great and well within expected ranges

now ive moved to a new house and my inet is up and running but im now connecting at between 3.3 and 3.8Mbps my upload speed is fine around 387kbps

however my download speeds are terrible im averaging
07-08-2006 10:46:48 237.3
07-08-2006 10:20:17 94.5
06-08-2006 22:12:31 237.3
06-08-2006 17:25:30 236.9
06-08-2006 12:27:47 221.6
06-08-2006 12:22:14 233.5
06-08-2006 12:18:18 229.7
06-08-2006 12:15:26 232.2

when it should be around the 2000 mark at the very least ive ticketed plusnet but it appears once theres any real type of problem they suddenly lose interest

im using the modem they sent me BT voyager 105 USB ADSL modem
but nothin ive tried seems to fix the problem and to be honest its starting to annoy im paying £21.99 a month and not getting my moneys worth

if anyone could clue me in on the problem id be very grateful thanks in advance
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broadband problem (dlownload speeds)

Probably the best thing to do is leave everything alone. I had speed problems for weeks and suddenly it sorted itself out without any action by me. I have been put on interleaving today and it looks like my random disconnections have stopped for now(fingers crossed)