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broadband plus with 2gb limit?


broadband plus with 2gb limit?

I was suprised to see that my new PlusNet Broadband Plus account has a 2gb cap. There was no mention of this in the advertising. In fact they even list 'No need to keep track of how much you download ' in one of the product features.

Anyone else been caught out by this?
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broadband plus with 2gb limit?

BB+ does not have any caps. Are you sure you are not on broadband PAYG which has an inclusive allowance of 1GB by default and additional GBs can be pre-paid.

Both have the same starting price of £14.99.

Also where is this 2GB limit stated and post exactly what it says?


broadband plus upto 2Mb is probably what you are seeing and the 2Mb is the ADSL speed, not your included allowance or cap

broadband plus with 2gb limit?

Hi there,

That is not correct.

Have you arrived at this conclusion from looking at your View My Usage.

If that is the case, then it only shows 2mb until you hit that point and it changes again.

You are definitely not capped at 2gb on BB+

Hope that helps.

broadband plus with 2gb limit?

Thanks, just realised what i've done Shockedops:

Cheers for the replies