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broadband network management


broadband network management

Does network management only apply at peak tiems? since i would like for my downloads to at least run full speed from 12am - 7am. Im using usenet and bitorrent.

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broadband network management

Hi there,

It would appear that if your connection is being managed, then it is managed 24/7 till the next billing period, or if you upgrade your package.


First Warning Email
If you exceed the maximum monthly peak-time usage for your product, the following restrictions will apply to your service until your next billing date.

* All Internet activities will be available at speeds up to 128Kbps at all times.

You can have the restrictions lifted immediately if you upgrade to a product with a higher peak-time usage allowance.

Second Warning Email
If you should exceed the maximum monthly peak-time usage for the same product on a second occasion, the same restriction will be applied. However, they will only be lifted if you upgrade to a product with a higher usage allowance **.

This 'two-strikes' process is repeated each time that you upgrade to an account with a higher peak-time allowance.

This link refers to Plusnets Sustainable Usage Policy.

I hope this helps.

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broadband network management

i was talking about the gold silver bronze layout
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broadband network management

Traffic management is applied at all times as users requirements for bandwidth always exceeds central capacity available so some 'shaping' is always applied. It is just more restrictive during peak times in terms of certain protocols like P2P/Usenet/FTP.

Also the product you are on also affects what management is applied and how it affects you. The theory is business packages are the least restrictive, followed by residential PAYGO, then premier and then finally Broadband Plus being the most restricted. Further management is applied when you reach any peak time limits.

Determining what impact you will get at certain times on certain packages is impossible to calculate as everyone's bandwidth usage affects what happens to everyone else.