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blog about a dead broadband connection


blog about a dead broadband connection

To no7olivier (as personally addressed as a PM)

I request you that you immediately reopen my message about "blog about a dead broadband connection". Don't get confused about a technical issue being discussed in another message and the incredible mess of plusnet.

plusnet community needs to know what plusnet have done for 3.5 months. Nothing!!!! Complete inefficiency, cheating, laziness, rigidity, impotence and greediness!!!

you might control that forum but they are many other external forums. I can be harder and very nasty about plusnet. Request plusnet to do they work. Ask them to stop being inefficient, cheater and liar, lazy, rigid, greedy and completely impotent.

PS: once you reopen the other message, you can close that message.
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blog about a dead broadband connection

Plusnet community can see whats been going on in your other thread on the Community forum.

As stated by no7olivier there is no need whatsoever for muliple threads on the same subject and I am locking this one as well.