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[b]That sinking feeling[/b]


[b]That sinking feeling[/b]

'The results of our tests show no fault with your broadband connection. Completed speed tests show that your connection speed is:none found

According to BT, this speed is within the limits of acceptable performance for broadband service.'

The above is an extract from an ongoing correspondance with PN regarding my 8MB upgrade.

After having a faultless 2MB connection and the 'upgrade' completed I am now into day four of waiting for a solution to my 124kbps YES 124kbs data speed and have just been given a free dialup number to use with a 56K modem.
Short of a complete stop things can't get any worse, but just in case I've requested a MAC code and I'm hot footing it back to ZEN.
If PN are not selling out to BT then the should certainly sell to somebody.
This service is appalling!

[b]That sinking feeling[/b]

I live on a military base and was getting 1800kbps. I had to move to the house next door and my speed halved to around 900kbps. This was never sorted out despite going to BT myself which I shouldn't have to do, it's up to the ISP. I had the 'Upgrade' more than 10 days ago and my speed is now around 450kbps.