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[b]Page cannot be found regularly appears[/b]


[b]Page cannot be found regularly appears[/b]

I have the following set up.
DSL-300T Modem (Ethernet connection)
Linksys WRG54T Switching router with Wireless adapter
PC connected to router, router to Modem, modem to wall.

PC uses DHCP from Router. Router picks up DHCP address from modem/
The number of page not found messages is ridiculous and the overall performace is not brilliant. The router has been returned to default settings which seemed OK but not for long. The same is true for the wireless connection.
The MTU settings are set at "Auto".

Is this a hardware/compatability problem or am I missing something simple.


[b]Page cannot be found regularly appears[/b]

My first suggestion is that you connect your PC directly into the modem, and see what sort of results you get from that.

You say your router is wireless. Are you connecting to it wirelessly?
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[b]Page cannot be found regularly appears[/b]

I would also check your computer for viruses and spyware.

Download MS Antispyware from, it's actually very good.

[b]Page cannot be found regularly appears[/b]

The PC has been scanned with Anti-spyware programs and has a firewall and AV installed. There doesn't seem to be any problems with a direct connection to the modem.
I thought I'd found a problem sometime ago but that was not to be.

There are other threads with exactly the same issues using this (or very similar) combinations of hardware so I'm giving those another look to see what may work for me. It's looking rather like the DSL-300T is the common denominator in all of them.