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annual contract and slow speeds.


annual contract and slow speeds.


I migrated in the other week and put down for a monthly contract for the 2mbs plus one, all i want to do is play on xbox live and surf a bit.

Well i find myself on an anual contract and now the speeds i am getting are the worst i have ever had, have i done something wrong am i being capped i have used 1.2gig of transfer this month apparently dont know if this is a lot or not but as i say all i do is play xblive and surf a little (the kids surf as well but they are young and dont download anything).

Why then am i getting
these speeds?

its a bit of a git if i cant play my game any more even at 14.99 a month its a bit steep if i cant and i would rather bin it off altogether and not bother with the bloody internet, its full of weirdo's anyway.

annual contract and slow speeds.

sorry about that i was a bit fed up, it seems its back to aproaching normality now hope i didnt offend anyone (i didnt swear but it censored it anyway i said loody with a b in the front Smiley ).

oh well this interweb malarky is a right todo isnt it.....