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adsl small print


adsl small print


After residing to the fact that our tiny village in the middle of nowhere would never get adsl, BT have shocked and stunned me by making an announcement that we will have adsl by aug, a couple of questions...

1) im looking at a 1mb line, is there any bandwidth usage restrictions......are we allowed to run our own servers (for small websites etc).

2) i currently have isdn, would i need to contact bt to downgrade my landline or would plusnet organise this.

any help would be much appreciated Cool
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adsl small print

Only restriction on bandwidth is 250meg per day from your Plusnet webpages.

Yes You can host your own server on your machine.

Plus net can arrange the removal of your ISDN and convertion to ADSL but bear in mind that you will have several days with only pay as you go dial up.

Hope this helps

adsl small print

thanks for the prompt reply..

i can cope with payg for a few days considering i have hardly used the net for the last 2-3weeks, makes the heavey usage package look way overkill for me, but, i like it Tongue