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adsl problems


adsl problems

Hi all,
first of all i'd like to say thanks to PN's customer service team Smiley. The service has so far been pretty good.
Here's the problem, my USB modem detects the line as down. The fault has gone to BT and come back as the line being ok , its been tested at the exchange. ( i've tried diff filters etc).
Unfortunately i don't think im gonna be able to test the line with another modem to check whether my modem is screwed or not.
So is there any way to check whether a modem is working ok or not?? The power lights are on and the software detects the modem fine. I've tried 2 filters and i've tried a different modem > filter cable.
I just wanna see if there is a way i can check this before it goes back to BT and bt dont find a fault on the line (which is bound to happen if i dont check the modem Smiley ) and charge call-out.


adsl problems

All you can try is the standard stuff. Unplug all phone/sky etc and try make sure the modem is going into a master socket. If you can plug the modem in without filters thats better as the modem doesnt need a filter.

People often plug a filter in and then plug an extention in and put the modem in there and it doesnt work as the filter is blocking it.

If BT come out and find no fault it will cost you £50 so its worth buying a new modem as its cheaper if thats works you can return the old one and if still doesnt work you can sell one.

You dont say what the modem is and give computer details