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aceex AWR51/2 wireless router modem? Dropping Conection


aceex AWR51/2 wireless router modem? Dropping Conection

I have a Aceex AWR51/2 Wireless router modem
I have it connected to 2 p.c. and use wireless on my laptop, when its connected it works fine, I have no problems and can use the net on all three at the same time. Trouble is it keeps dropping its connection!! Evil I have to either switch it of or go into the managment settings and reboot to get the connection back. When I have the problem it still shows the adsl as been connected both on the lights on the front and in the management settings.
I have set all the timers to 0 as per the instruction to stop anything timing out.

HELP, I don't really know much about setting these up, is it something in the settings or my phone line or does plus net throw you out?
I'm only on the 150kb ADSL is that something to do with it?
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aceex AWR51/2 wireless router modem? Dropping Conection

There could be many reasons why it stops working and identifying the cause may be very difficult. As I have no knowledge of that router all I can suggest is make sure you have the latest firmware installed - you should be able to download it from the manufacturers website.

One thing to be carefull of is the timers you have set to 0. It should only be ones related to idle timeout and then should be set to whatever value represents disabling it. If you have set other timers to zero this may mean when the router disconnects it does not attempt to reconnect.

If you are not sure I would reset the router to it's factory defaults, just change the idle timeouts, enter your connection details, configure the wireless and see if that helps.

You could try a few other things:

- If you are not connected to the master BT socket try that and see if the problem still exists.

- Are you sure all your phones, faxes, 56K modems and sky boxes all connect through an ADSL filter/spliter to their wallsockets.

- It's possible you could be suffering from the BT compatibility issue that effects Netgear and Solwise routers. As I don't know your router I don't know if it uses a chipset that has compatibility problems or not.

As your are on 150K DSL this must be a DSL connect Datastream package. I know Tiscali (who supply PlusNet with the Datastream products) were/are having speed issues but I don't know if disconnections are also involved.

If you have not raised a ticket on this I suggest you do so so PlusNet can investigate further.