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a solution to constant disconnecting


a solution to constant disconnecting

I used to have a 1mb service and i had it running upstairs from the bedroom.
I never had any problems downloading at max speed.
As soon as I got a regrade everything went to pot.
Broadband kept disconnecting.
I thought i tried everything to solve this and it was something really simple.

All I had to do was plug it into my master socket downstairs and connect it through a wireless network.
I am using the netgear dg834g and although it was a wee bit pricey it is effin wonderful.

I thought I would share this with you all just incase a similar thing is happening to anyone.
I would be interested in knowing if this has helped anyone.

Simple solution yes but as i said before 1mb worked fine from another phone socket in my house so i thought the 2mb service would be fine but it wasnt.

a solution to constant disconnecting

Have you checked your wiring against the Wiring Tutorial? in the Tutorial & FAQ section on the Forum.

It could be that something isn't quite connected up right.


a solution to constant disconnecting

everything is sweet since connecting to master socket,
maybe my post wasnt clear

a solution to constant disconnecting

Sorry It was my fault, I should have read the post more clearly Shockedops:

*ground open, swallow up* lol :lol: