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a newbie question


a newbie question

sorry if this is a bit lame but:

when my migration goes through, what's the procedure involved in connecting via plusnet?
with wanadoo (*spits*) i was send a cd which installed all the necessary.
is that the same here or do i have to download something?

also will i need to remove all the wanadoo stuff from my pc before installing the plusnet stuff

if i'm way off the mark here please excuse me as i've had a bad day and really need a good drink!! :roll:

a newbie question

The only things that you will need to change include

1: The username and password used to connect to the service. This is usualy done in the existing modem software, or via the dialup link. No numbers need to change, and ADSL doesn't work like that

2: If you need e-mail, then you need to create a new account profile with the correspeonding mail settings for PlusNet. These include

Incoming mailserver:
Incoming server type: POP3
Outgoing mail server:

You do not use authentication for the outgoing mailserver,