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Zytel Modem Problem


Zytel Modem Problem


Does anyone know if the following error message that I'm getting with a Zytel modem aquired from PlusNet indicates that the modem is defective?

The error message is: "ERROR 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connection device)".

The modem will not sync, in other workds all I get is the continual flashing dsl light.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have noted the other threads here re: this modem. It seems that there might be problems with this modem? Based on the above message, should I be attempting to get a replacement from PlusNet.

Thanks in advance.


Zytel Modem Problem

Hi rubyhoney,

Welcome to the forums. I am going to close this thread as I believe that the modem you are having problems with has already been mentioned on this forum. I am not sure if the problem you are having has been discussed in any great detail or not but it would appear that there are problem with the kind of modem you have in one form or another.

If you repost your post frmo this thread in the one linked below then I am sure someone can help you out.

The thread you want is THIS ONE.