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Zoom ADSL PCI Modem


Zoom ADSL PCI Modem

right..where do i begin...

I used to have bintone modem and it did a good job with connection and never disconnected from DSL service but i had to buy a new modem and i bought the ZOOM ADSL PCI modem, now i keep getting disconnections all the time just randomly then it reconnects, taking 20 seconds at times to reconnect,

is there a problem with the zoom modems? should i return it...not that there is gr8 choice in PC WORLD and modems are expensive!
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Zoom ADSL PCI Modem

Can't help with your problem but I do have a recomendation: If you can return it I would anyway as like USB modems, PCI modems can have issues and compatibility problems. That's not to say that modem may work fine for others.

Your best bet is an external ADSL modem/router like the ebuyer origo ASR8000 for about £25. This connects via an EThernet cable to a network card (you may already have a network connection on te mobo). This takes away any issues with driver conflicts etc and it powreed externally.

Just an Idea to consider.

Anyway to help diagnose your problem try reading some of the tutorials about wiring and troubleshooting in the tutorials & FAQs forum and see if they offer any clues.

Make sure ALL phones, faxes, 56K modems and sky boxes are all connected via ADSL filter/splitters.

Look to see if there are any later drivers for your card.

Try with and without an ADSL filter to see if that helps.

Try unplugging all phones.

Try plugging directly into the master socket.

Zoom ADSL PCI Modem

If you have a soundblaster sound card, take it out and see if it fixes the problem. If you dont then try the zoom in a different pci slot. I have a zoom pci modem and used to suffer random disconnections due to the soundcard.