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Zoom ADSL Modem


Zoom ADSL Modem


I have just connected for the first time last night and it all worked after a bit of help for Technical help , Thanks Guys However I need some advice I have purchased a Zoom 5110 first of my AMD 7xx chipset couldnt handle the current so I then purchased a 4 port powered hub now it stays on properly but seems to loose the data signal the control panel says the modem is idle I have check all the settings for powersave so they ar off and the PC can't turn the unit off but I just wondered if anyone else had similair problems and had found the cure. Oh in running WinXP pro on a AMD Athlon 550 256 MB Ram GF2MX

Thx in advance

PS just as I was about to send this the modem switched off and back on again reset and I have 2 green lights again Weird !!!!!!

Please someone help !!!!

RE: Zoom ADSL Modem

Hi... I had problems with a Zoom ADSL modem too. Kept losing power, again even though I was using an allegedly 'powered' USB port. I ended up getting a Zyxel Prestige 742R router. Easy to install (ish), no drivers needed whatsoever, and completely stable. I can leave the router on permanently, and just switch my PC off when I don't need it.

I know this sounds like a drastic solution, but lots of people seem to be having problems with USB modems. If you can I would go the router route(sic !).

Hope this helps (a bit) Huh