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Yet another upgrade question


Yet another upgrade question

The HomeSurf package was always aoffered along side ADSL Home, which cost £21.99 a month.

HomeSurf users can't use P2P or Binary usenet services, which account for most peoples traffic these days. It also didn't feature some of the advanced services available. Hence, if you didn't need them, PlusNet where able to offer the product much cheaper.

Since early summer this year, BT have offered a new pricing structure. This allowed for ISPs to offer much cheaper prices again to lower usage users, hence the new cheaper products that your own.

MySQL is available with the newer Broadband Home packages. You can switch to this for a processing charge of £14.99.

You can choose from the Premier option, or use a lite package, which utilises included data trasnsfer for cheaper costs.

To see if a Lite package suit you, see the "View my usage tool" under the "Connection settings" link on the left.

Yet another upgrade question

I have the ADSL Home Surf - Annual Contract. I currently pay £18.99 unlimited access. Was I lucky to get this at such a price as you charge much more now will the contract change as ISP's clocked on to the idea of capping transfer rates and charging more for d/ling more. Surely as more people purchase a product it becomes cheaper not more expensive.

I would like to get SQL on my web site but how much would that cost me and which package should I choose? or a free host for sql?