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XP SP2 & the Binatone 500 USB Modem


XP SP2 & the Binatone 500 USB Modem

Well, I've just got myself a new pc and it has come with XP Home installed (that includes SP2).

Well, I'm trying to install the USB modem (the 2 light Binatone) and the drivers are failing to install? Any idea why? I've downloaded the latest drivers from the plus net site (the right ones and the wrong ones just in case!) but to no avail (it doesn't help that the site is now giving a 404...)

Any ideasHuh?? I've run out.

The modem runs and installs fine on Win2K pro, just not on XP SP2.

And before anyone suggests it, I looked to see if I could roll back to SP1, but it looks like it was a fresh install that included SP2 from the start.

Why is this difficultHuh It should be so easy...maybe this is what finally tips the balance and makes me buy a router instead but I don't want to have to do that.


XP SP2 & the Binatone 500 USB Modem

I can't help much but I had the three light modem and had to re-install the drivers on each re-boot untill I installed sp-2, after which it connected every time before the puter booted fully.

I've since bought a wireless modem / router which is far better than the usb modem and does appear faster, but that could be just whishful thinking :lol:


XP SP2 & the Binatone 500 USB Modem

I have just managed to install the Binatone 500 USB Modem on Windows XP SP2.

I tried this several months ago on my laptop but it just wouldn't work. It would get as far as asking you to plug in the modem. The Binatone install then said that it was installing, in the meantime the Windows XP Found New Hardware Wizard window popped up saying it had found new hardware with the options of whether you wanted it to search for the drivers. In the Binatone install notes it explicitly says that
Quote should ignore this as it will disappear during the installation process. Closing this down or clicking through the wizard will cause the installation to fail.

So you just sit there, waiting for the Wizard to close, but eventually the Binatone progress bar gets to the end saying that the install failed, and it promptly uninstalls what its done so far.

I tried contacting Binatone, but their response was
...there are no issues with installing the modem with SP2 when you use the latest drivers off the website.

I got the latest drivers and I tried again several times on the laptop, but this time I couldn't even install because it came up with an error saying INF files were missing. In the end gave up and went back to SP1 of XP.

Recently I have been forced to move to SP2 so I tried again - this time on my main PC. It took a few attempts but this time I managed to get it working .

Firstly I uninstalled the Binatone modem before upgrading to SP2. Make sure you unplug the USB cable from the modem when it says and leave it unplugged until you are asked to plug it in when you reinstall the drivers.
I then upgraded to SP2.

Next I installed the Binatone modem. I did not use the latest drivers from Binatone's website. They did not seem to work at all when I tried again today - same missing INF files error.
Instead I used the original CD supplied. Remember to select "Advanced Settings" then "Communication Settings"and change the comm settings to be :

Select Mode - WAN Driver
VPI - 0
VCI - 38
Encapsulation - RFC2364 PPPoATM NULL Encapsulation
Modulation - G.DMT

Now continue through the installation process and plug in the modem when the install asks you to.

Once you do this the Binatone install will say it is installing the drivers. The Windows XP Install wizard will popup now saying it has found the Binatone USB 500 modem, but this is supposed to disappear as the Binatone process installs the drivers. If you do nothing then the Binatone progress bar will just get to the end and the install will fail.

You have to click Next on the Windows XP Wizard window with the option to "Automatically" install the drivers for the modem.
I know it says not to in the original release notes, but it will fail otherwise.
When I originally installed this modem on Windows XP SP1 then you didn't have to click the Windows XP Wizard window - it would disappear. However on XP SP2 it won't, and when that progress bar gets to the end it fails.

After I installed the modem it would not get a signal. It would go into Training but not connect. (Flashing yellow lights in control panel, not green)
I then went in to Configure the Binatone modem (Binatone Folder from start menu) and checked the settings. For some reason the Modulation had changed to T1.413 - I changed it back to G.DMT, rebooted and it all worked fine.
So this is the first thing I have done on the net since upgrading to SP2 and getting the modem to finally work. Hope you can get yours working too now.

XP SP2 & the Binatone 500 USB Modem

Many thanks for the input - it sounds like your experience on the laptop was identical to mine. My pc had SP2 installed when I got it and I couldn't find an option fro rolling it back to SP1 so I ended up buying a router (cost me £30 but I was up and running within about 5 minutes).

I still have the modem sitting in a box next to the pc, so I might see if I can get it working purely out of interest.

Once again, thanks for the input.


XP Modem installation Ivan


Been reading through this posting and just wanted to add a comment , I have a D-Link ADSL Modem and I found one of the main problems was that some of the drivers that came on CD hadnt been digitally signed by MS so when installing the software & drivers on XP Pro the install bolked (Got a pop up saying these drivers are NOT digitally signed and could destabilise my system but I was allowed to say ignore this message, which I did and things installed fine not problems) So driver signing in XP can be one issue if the drivers are older & not written specifically for XP.

**Secondly, with your postings I have a feeling that the drivers should have been installed seperately by themselves BEFORE the modem software installation on XP. Then install the modem i.e. physically that is and allow the new hardware wizard after that, also dont let XP install the software for you. Goto install from other source i.e. CD disk not software found by XP this often catches lots of users out from past experience.

**Windows XP (home & Pro) SP2 has the Microsoft XP firewall turned on by default so you have to go into the services applet and find the relevant service and disable it. The MS XP firewall is not very user friendly and not very good as a firewall as it only blocks inbound connecttions. Why? use this XP firewall when you can download a freeware product like ZoneAlarm which is far better anyway.

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