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XP Pro-DG834-Remote desktop


XP Pro-DG834-Remote desktop

Hi all,

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I can set up my XP Pro PC to be remotely managed?
The main issues I have are:
1. Not sure what settings to tweak on the PC to accept remote control
2. What settings to tweak on the DG834 router to permit incoming control
3. Security - how can I make this situation as secure as possible

Advice would be extremely very welcome.

XP Pro-DG834-Remote desktop

How to you plan to access remote desktop on your home PC? Will the PC from which you wish to connect have the remote desktop client installed, or will you need to be using remote desktop web access?

In answer to your questions:

1. Right click the 'my computer' icon, select the 'remote' tab, and tick 'allow users to connect remotely to this computer'. Make sure that only the accounts you wish to have access are set up in the 'select remote users' section.

2. You'll need to set up a rule forwarding port 3389 to your PCs IP address. If you're using remote desktop web access, you'll also need to forward port 80.

3. Make sure you have a firewall installed. Set up firewall rules restricting port 3389 connections to trusted IP addresses only. If using remote desktop web access, also restrict port 80.

Hope that helps.