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XP Connection Settings


XP Connection Settings

Having just had my Easystart ADSL activated, I am having some difficulties in getting everything set up properly on my system (XP Home, with a Binatone ADSL 500 modem).

I inserted the installation CD, and this seemed to do everything properly, and a Binatone shortcut was added to my desktop. This shortcut gives me the option to connect to Plusnet, which works properly as well. However, when I look at my network connections window, all that shows up are my old dial up account (not yet deleted) and section titled LAN or High-speed Internet, with a connection called Local Area Connection 2 in it (with Binatone ADSL USB Modem written underneath). Is this how it should look?

I didn't think that I should have to connect each time through a shortcut on the desktop, and so I tried to add a new connection through the network connections window. This created a new connection in a section called Broadband, which says WAN miniport PPPOE underneath. When I then try to conect through this, I get error 678 "remote computer did not respond".

Having only used dial up before, I am not sure how my system should look, and operate, when it is correctly configured, so I would really appreciate any advice or useful links to point me in the right direction.

XP Connection Settings

I went through the same hastles a couple of nights ago. The desktop short cut is the way to go.

I dont know why +net instructions mention other things, but the instructions that come with the modem it self from binatone work properly.

The problem with the windows settings is that it will only give you PPPoE or Point to Point Protocal over Ethernet where as the uk systems use PPPoA.
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XP Connection Settings

Also make sure you have installed XP SP1 as that modem/driver requires it to operate correctly.