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XBOX Live help me!


XBOX Live help me!

I currently have an internal Intel Anypoint 2240 PCI dsl modem and an active ADSL connection with PlusNet.

I also have an Xbox, but in another part of the house and I want to connect it to the broadband using a wireless connection, but I don't fully understand what I need.

I realise that I need an ethernet router, but the only two connections from the modem are wall and phone. I have a Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet network card that isn't currently being used, will this be used?

Do I have to get an all-in-one wireless modem/router/firewall (not the favourite) or can I get a wireless router and connect the Xbox to a wirless point?

Will I need a bridge at the Xbox end?

What is the maximum range and penetration of the signal?

Will my connection type with Plusnet need changing? (To router)

I don't mind starting up the PC to access Xbox Live.

Any other help or recommendations would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.


XBOX Live help me!


It all depends on how much you want to spend and what type of setup you want.

I was going to suggest an all in one unit, since they are easier to setup and overall it keeps the cost down.

If you want to keep everything seperate, then your going to need an ethernet ADSL modem, a wireless router and two new wireless network cards. As for the firewall it's upto you, you might choose to buy a wireless router with a full SPI firewall or just Nat based.

As far as I'm aware point to point access, requires software control at each end, so while it's fine for connecting two PC's together. You won't be able to connect your XBox or ADSL Modem.

Your connection to Plus Net shouldn't require any changes and most routers will auto configure options to easy setup.

An all in one unit, contains the whole shooting match and all you need is 2 wireless network cards. Why are you against this approach?

Finally a point worth bearing in mind is the security protocols for wireless access, I think they are WPA and WPI but I'm not sure. One is better than the other. As for signal penertration, it depends on the unit, the size and thickness of your walls etc. It will reach outside your house, lets put it that way.

I've left the URL for an all in one unit for netgear.

If you want more info, reply back and I'll see what I can dig up.



XBOX Live help me!

You need a bridge at the X-Box end, you can
use a WAP( wireless access point ) with a bridge
function or a dedicated gamers bridge, from a
host of manufacturers.
At the other end you have a choice, either an all
in one Modem/Router/WAP, or
A non wireless Modem/Router with a separate WAP.
If you want one of the new 'Super G' 108Mbps unit's,
then these have wireless / router functions to which you
need to add an ethernet modem (your USB modem won't do).
The difference is obviously cost, but if you go for
a separate WAP You will get a bit more power / throughput
and you will be able to situate the modem next to the
telephone socket and the WAP in a position that will give
you the best reception ( the length of the ethernet cable doesn't
do much harm).
As for performance if you set it up properly, you will get
similar results to a wired connection for general use
but if the distance between the wireless units becomes
too great or the signal has to pass through more than 2 walls
then the performance starts to degrade.
Solid brick walls and metal objects tend to cause the most problems.
You would be able to connect your main pc via ethernet cable to
its existing ethernet port, or you could do this wirelessly aswell
by getting a wireless PCI card.