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X-Modem(Ethernet ADSL)


X-Modem(Ethernet ADSL)

I have just changed from using a USB adsl modem to an ethernet adsl one.
It is connected to an Nvidia based onboard network card in my pc.
Problem 1.
No way will it get an ip address when set to obtain an ip address automatically and obtain DNS server address auto....
The modem syncs/links to the adsl(phone line)
The 100M Lan led is on.
But when I check the properties for the connection/Lan(network card) it shows as not a valid ip and
If I enter ip address(number) and subnet into the Network card then force the card to run as 10M half duplex sometimes it works, most times not.
Even with a pci network card installed it does the same.
Any ideas?
No router, just the ethernet ADSL modem connected to the pc via a network card.

X-Modem(Ethernet ADSL)

Reset your windows settings back to normal.

Are you sure the Xmodem has authenticated fully, and that the connection is stable?

If so, then what happens if you release and renew the IP address on your network adapter?

In a command window, use
ipconfig /release *
ipconfig /renew