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Worrying... Very worrying

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Worrying... Very worrying

Hello all,

I have just switched my phone and broadband provider to plus net. After reading reviews from companies like uSwitch they looked very good. However, reading though this forum says the exact opposite and all I read about is problem after problem. Speed problems, P2P problems and some people without internet for months. I hope that this is just a very small percentage of plus net's customers because right now I’m feeling like I just made a big mistake.

Is there anyone on these forums that is having a very good service from plus net and could reassure me that I didn’t just make a big mistake?

Thank You,

Maximilian Evans

Worrying... Very worrying

usually things go smoothly, until you do have a problem :p customer support can take quite a while to get round to fixing your problem at times if its serious.

but on a whole theyve been pretty good with me, i get 200-400k/sec on P2P, so no problem there and speed is very quick for me on everything (except gaming atm, but thats being delt with as we speak/post!). are good, but problems are a problem! if your connection is reliable you should be fine, if not, complain about it on here enough, one of the friendly support team will try to help you out and give you a leg up in the support system.

Worrying... Very worrying

No need to worry too much about what you read here - there are folks with problems, but remember there are 200 000 customers, the few who post here appear to be in the minority.

I have around 10 accounts with PN, and I have had little or no problems with any of them.

There's no promise that you will have a trouble free time - but the odds are very much in your favour.

Its worth considering the problems reported here as a bonus too, they have been raised with PN, and they are working to resolve them for the good of the userbase.
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Worrying... Very worrying

Personally the only problem I've ever had was getting my (fairly obscure) email and newsreader application working. Plusnet's support pointed me in the right direction on that fairly quickly.

I have recommended Plusnet to a couple of my friends and they have no issues either.

Good speeds & reliable service as far as far as I'm concerned.


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Worrying... Very worrying

It depends on whether you have picked an appropriate account for your usage and how important various aspects of the service are to you. If you've picked appropriately you should be fine.

If you post how you intend using it (just email browsing, P2P, Usenet, gaming etc.) and which account you are on we could comment.
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Worrying... Very worrying

I wouldn't touch Uswitch with a bargepole to be honest-- the last couple of times I looked at energy providers they clearly didn't know what they were talking about and I don't think they can be trusted for anything else

I'm not going to offer you comfort I'm afraid-- although my experience hasn't been as awful as some, this forum is not a happy one on the whole although it used to be reasonably so about 18 months ago. In contrast I know another forum where the complaints are few and far between.

Your experience may be perfectly adequate with PlusNet and I wish you well
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Worrying... Very worrying

I've been here for over 4 years, only had 1 problem which was sorted ( did take a little while). That apart, I have to say Plusnet for me are a good isp.

Worrying... Very worrying

I've been here for nearly 3 years, but if you add all my accounts lengths concurrently, it amounts to over 20yrs.

Across all of them, I've only had a coupla problems, (Power failure that borked other ISP's as well, so hard to blame PN for that one) a coupla issues with BT playing about in my exchange etc and thats about it.

I've had three successful house moves, and have a variety of accounts under my stewardship.

Any grumbles I've had are about theoretical problems which *might* have effected me if I'd had a bit of bad luck, and the way that PN deal with them.
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Worrying... Very worrying

Very good ISP had no real problems, Value for Money

Worrying... Very worrying

I think it says a lot that a company let you put complaints on their website for all the world to see.

Bad companies hide their complaints good companies use your complaints to improve their product.

I believe Plus net are trying to improve their product by listening to its customers. Many that do complain may be using their connection to access(not everyone of coarse)