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Work this one out


Work this one out

I have 2 phone extentions that are wired into the back of the master socket.
I connect at 4448 and my snr Margin is 6 line att 46. So I tried cutting the ring wires.

The snr goes up to15 and it connects at 6 meg for about 30 secs and will go on like that all day never syncing.

If I cut one wire the snr goes up to 8 and connects @ about 5.

If I unplug the phone while connected the snr shoot up to 11 but if I try and connect with the phone unplugged its back to trying to connect at 6 without succes.

If it trys to connect at 6 shouldbt it drop until it gets a connection after time

If I plug a second phone in it kills the line and I cant connect. Does anyone else notice the SNR going up if they unplug the phone?