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Wireless home network: A few questions..........


Wireless home network: A few questions..........

I got broadband a few months ago and decided upon a USB modem as I have a laptop. I am now re-organising my house and need to move the position of my laptop to another part of the home where there is no phone point. I would like to buy a kit of a wireless router and pcmcia card so I can use my laptop anywhere in the house. Is this possible? Does the wireless router just need power and a phone connection? If this is so, can anyone recommend a good piece of kit.
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Wireless home network: A few questions..........

Yes, this should be possible and the router will probably only need a power and phone connection.
As for kit you will find offerings from many companies. As others round here may have noticed I always recommend Netgear products, but that is only because I have never tried any other companies Smiley The Netgear versions of the products you're after would be:
Wireless router: DG824M
PCMCIA card: MA401


Perhaps cheaper to look through a copy of your local free newspaper and get somebody who will fit a phone extension for a fixed price. (Around here there are a few people who advertise 20 pound for any phone extension). Even better, dust off that cordless drill, load the staple gun and fit your own extension.

Wireless home network: A few questions..........

depends really. if you're planning to move abotu with the laptop a lot then wireless is the only practical option. personally I use a 20m cat5 cable but it's extremely impractical and somewhat of a hassle...

Network the house...

I took the plunge and networked every room of the house (and garage) except for the bathroom and the kitchen. It took a whole Saturday to do it, and ended up with sore knees in the process, but the job is done once and for all. So next to each mains socket is a 10/100 socket.

Since I mess around with different operating systems and the like, a hardwired network and a bog-standard network card is compatible with everything. Wireless cards unfortunately are not.

Like yourself, I use a long flying lead for laptop use when sat on the sofa!
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I went wireless with an Actiontec Modem/Router and a few Wireless Adaptors. After setting up the unit I have my laptop and other PC's networked and connected to the Internet. It's worth the pain and strain but it really comes down to personal choice.
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Wireless home network: A few questions..........

I've been wanting to network my house for a while now, but I'll probably never get round to it.

So next to each mains socket is a 10/100 socket.

You know you shouldn't really have them right next to each other, the requirement is 2ft distance for LAN and phone sockets in a home cos the power can arc across aparently. But if it works, it works Smiley


Mains sockets...

Yes, I know that mains and data should not be run in the same conduits, but placing a network outlet next to a mains socket (which is earthed anyway) is no big deal (especially since there's no big inductive loads like electric motors connected to each socket !!) Aesthetics of a house need to be considered too!

It's worth taking the plunge in networking the house. Once you get into it it's quite easy, but I suppose more pressing DIY tasks often take priority!! A great time to do it is when you're decorating.