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Wireless connections drops after calls


Wireless connections drops after calls


Can anyone give a steer on what I should be looking at - I run a D-Link Wireless connection to a two computers and have a Plusnet Broadband account and BT telephone line.

The connection tends to drop after an outgoing phone call is made.

Where do I look first - modem, BT, telephone? I have all the latest drivers etc. I've looked through troubleshooting, but can't see this specific problem mentioned - apologies if I've missed it.

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Wireless connections drops after calls

Is it the wireless connection that drops or the ADSL connection, it is not clear what you are refering to?

If it's ADSL then are you connecting your ADSL modem/router via a filter/splitter? If not tyry that and see if it makes a difference.

What phone equipment to you use - DECT/digital or normal wired connections?

If you have more than one phone, does the problem occur regardless of the phone being used or is it limited to a single phone.

Are all the phones connected via ADSL filter/splitters? If not gthey ned to be, including things like sky boxes, faxes and ordinary 56k modems.

Have you tried changing the filter/splitters around?

Wireless connections drops after calls

Thanks for all the checks - needless to say, I just phoned out, so that I could do more checks and my connection remained on - Sod's Law - I do have digital, cordless phones, I do have a filter, but I will check all of the above to see if I can rectify the problem - and will no doubt be back for more suggestions, with a little more clarity about who, what ,why and where.

Many thanks