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Wireless Router Connection


Wireless Router Connection


I have a linksys wag54g. Took out and uninstalled drivers for the old adsl modem and have connection as far as the router interface is concerned with all lights green.

I cannot however connect. Please can anyone suggest the settings that I may have wrong. I have searched the boards for similar posts but have not found anything that could be the answer. My apologies if it has been covered already.

Please help.


hmm...sounds familiar

I had a similar problem with my netgear DG834G. All the lights showed up s being connected to the internet, but when i tried to use the laptop wirelessly it would not go to any internet sites. I tinkered about for a while with the router, turning it on and off to reset it and changing settings and eventually got it going. I think the problem was to do with Windows XP Home. The net had been working fine and then just suddenly stopped. If you have security set up wirelessly, try disabling it and then resetting the router. Often the problem is the firmware. Do you have all the updates available etc. Then try removing the security, then resetting the router and restarting the computer.

Hope this helps. Also try inputting the details such as DNS and IP etc manually.


Wireless Router Connection

Have you got firewall running and forgot to reconfigure it for the new addresses ?Huh

Wireless Router Connection

Are you using XP ? On your PC,
Go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections.
Remove the old dial up connection if still there,
tick the box never dial a connection.
Go to LAN settings, tick the box : automatically detect settings.
Go to Control Panel - Network Connections, Click on your LAN
Internet Protocol TCP/IP - Properties tick the boxes : 'Obtain IP address automatically' and Obtain' DNS servers automatically',
If you have enabled DHCP on the router. The default gateway is the
IP address of your router ( the address you used to bring up it's
web interface)
If your not using DHCP enter an adress in the range of your router
Default gateway
DNS servers &
Save and re-boot.

Wireless Router Connection

Thanks for all the posts relating to my problem, I've tried all the suggestions and still cannot connect.

I am using XP, I have removed all firewalling software, anthing that may add any complexity such as NAT etc. I have configured the ip settings manually.

I have deleted all the old connection settings and reconfigured from scratch. I have rebooted and reset both the pc and router many times.

Plusnet support have confirmed my connection but I still cannot sign in.

I am concerned that some of the settings may not be correct such as:

1. support tell me that I should configure for a pppoa connection, but the network connection says that it it for pppoe (under the ppp settings).
2. in network connections the gateway incon shows connected when configured for pppoe not pppoa.

I know that i'm very close but still cannot connect.


Wireless Router Connection

WAN/DSL should be PPPoA.

A friend of mine with a different wireless router found he had to do all the setup via an ethernet connection to the router first. Although file sharing was OK, for some reason he could access the net either. We never got to the bottom of why.

Wireless Router Connection

When you bring up your router set up page,
on basic set up did you choose :
RCF2364PPPOA ? Double check, insert VCI / VPI as above.
Make sure Subnet Mask is same on PC and Router
Ensure you have added your Plusnet IP address in the Static IP box.
Ensure you have disabled DHCP, if your are configuring manually.
Another Option is to enable DHCP and let your computers
gett IP's automatically , then run the command on your pc :
(start- run- command) ipconfig/all. This will bring up everything
on your pc screen then you could configure manually turning
DHCP Off, with results that have worked.
If your still having problems, run the above command and paste
your results.

Edit : You have'nt set up one of those WAN miniport PPPOE
connections on your PC have you ? If so you'll need to remove
this , you want the Icon for your LAN network card.

wireless adsl network

I've recently set up a network using the Linksys WAG54G. It wouldn't work at first and couldn't get to their web based setup screen until I connected using the ethernet cable provided. Then using all the settings provided by Plusnet it all worked. I only use it wireless after the setup with 4 computers connect wireless. Works well

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