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Wireless ADSL Routers


Wireless ADSL Routers


I want to get a wireless ADSL router and was wondering if anyone had any good recomendations.

I'm happy to spend up to £150 including the wireless card for my laptop.

In addition if my neighbour also has a wireless network will that conflict with mine? is there a way of saying to the router only communicate with card x and y but not z sort of thing.



Wireless ADSL Routers

You may like to look at the Solwise starter packs

WiFi works on a series of channels. If your neibour is using one, you just use another.

In adition, you should enable the encryption features of your WiFi appliances. This needs slightly more processing power by the device (though the encryption functions are usualy part of the card) and you have slightly less efective bandwidth, however, you will be pretty safe from your neighbour

ADSL Wireless Router query

The other comment about security is quite right - it can be tricky to setup 128 bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (128WEP) but you can take other effective measures on some routers. This involves 'including' only your adapter cards (and therefore excluding all others).

You can usually find a setup page to include only adapters (wireless cards) that appear in the MAC list. You edit the list and put the MAC address (that's a physical adapter address unique to each and every card). In this way your cards are allowed to use your net and ano others are.

The MAC address is coded into all network adapters at manufacture - you can't change them (easily) so its quite a good way of setting access privelidges especially if a neighbour is using wireless LAN.