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Win2k3 Server and a Bintaone ADSL 500


Win2k3 Server and a Bintaone ADSL 500


I've been trying to get a Windows 2003 server linked to the net via the supplied Binatone ADSL500 and seem to get so far but no further.

The modem works just fine on a 98 and an XP box but not on the server. Everything bar being able to login seems to work. So, the line comes up and is recognised. The server is given an 80.x.x.x IP address from Plusnet's server/s and whether I elect for auto-connect or manual connect I don't get connected.

I am entering the User ID as but also tried without the part as well.

Any suggestions please? Or can anyone confirm that this combination will work.?

I have also tried the same connection using an "cheapo" ADSL 4 port Ethernet router (I have no idea where it was purchased from) but get the same end results - an IP assigned but no further except with this I then cannot access teh config pages until I power reset the router.