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Will it work?


Will it work?

I am just about to make a decision on which Modem/Router to buy, I've had a look at the other topics but they havn't helped a lot really.

At present I have 2 boxes running XP, 1 running Linux, all networked via an 8 port switch plus an Xbox.

What I need to know is:

(a) Would an MRI ADSL Ethernet Router/Bridge (Which is sold by Scan) be ok as I haven't seen it mentioned in this forum. If its c*%p, sorry, I mean not to be recommended, I would lean towards the SAR 110 as the alternative.

(b) Would I be able to connect the Xbox via the 8 port switch to access ADSL or would it throw a wobbly?



Will it work?

It'll work... and well....

I have one linux box (P200) which is always on connected to a SAR 110 using a separate Base10 card I bought for 50p. Various PC's sat on a 10/100 card via a hub. Linux works fine as gateway, router (NAT), 2 layer firewall, fileserver, MP3 jukebox etc. Linux box has been "up" 60 days and I just check the logs every few days in case anyone has come knocking. So far the SAR 110 keeps them at bay.

The only thing I don't know about is the XBox. You might want to connect that on Router side so it could be worth considering a router with more than one ethernet connection. You can't have too many config. options... can you?

Good luck.