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Will ADSL still work if ........


Will ADSL still work if ........

my line is disconnected? I'm guessing not.

My flat mate hasn't paid the phone bill and BT have partially disconnected the line, no incoming or outgoing calls. interestingly my ADSL connection still works. However, he rings BT today pays the bill and asks to cancel the line.

I'm thinking if this happens no ADSL for me (or him) and another activation fee if we get the line back, am I correct?

all thoughts welcome.


and yes I do plan to get a new flat mate.

RE: Will ADSL still work if ........

I am afraid if the line holder discontinues the line, the ADSL part of the line is ceased by BT.

Once the line is back on we will need to reprovide the service again. i.e. another activation fee.

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