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Wild differences in speed tests!


Wild differences in speed tests!

I rarely get much consistency between speed test results from, ADSL Guide and Plusnet's speedtest, though Plusnet is consistently lower.

But this is silly: 4.907mbps
ADSL Guide: 4.805mbps
Plusnet speed test:2.2 mbps

all within five minutes. Could anyone explain this to me please?
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Wild differences in speed tests!

If you discount the Plusnet one which is well known to be totally unreliable, then the other two are not that far apart and can be accounted for by your exchange or somwhere in the route from it to Plusnet seeing a slight degree of congestion
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Wild differences in speed tests!

@ doctordark

I have spoke of this very issue before. <ad infinitum - or is that Ad nauseam lol>

Out of the tests you mention, plus several others I have tried, I find the adslguide test to be the most closely matched to real time - manual timed tests.

It's not the same case for everyone though for whatever reason.