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Why still 1Mbps

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Why still 1Mbps

I have plusnet broadband only 2 mths, but I fill little disappointed, why I don't have more than 1Mbps down transfer.
Every exchange tracker shows - My line is able to support a 5.5Mbps or greater ADSL connection via ADSL Max, Your ADSL enabled up to 8 Mbps.
You are approximately 287 metres from the exchange. Blablabla.

So Why I still have only 1 MbpsHuhHuhHuh

Here is My ADSL stat:
SNR Margin (dB): 24.5
Attenuation (dB): 32.0
Output Power (dBm): 11.6
Attainable Rate (Kbps): 9472 HuhHuh?

So Everything looks fine, why I have Current Rate (Kbps): 1152 Sad

Modem - USR 9105 (newest firmware)

Londonderry Brookhall telephone exchange.

Can somebody give an answer why, and what should I do to have better connection.

I apologize for my weak english and Greetings to all plusnet users.
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Why still 1Mbps

Your stats do suggest you should have been on a 2Mbs connection. This will most likely be a limit that BT have imposed (and probably in there very inacurate database) rather than testing yor line and there is nothing any ISP can do about it.

Hopefully when you get upgraded to MaxDSL you will get a much higher speed, but until that happens there is little you can do for now but wait.

Why still 1Mbps

I just moved house (see my previous posting Wink ) and after a bit of shenanegans have been reconnected. My new address is connected to the same exchange as the old address and is a similar distance away. My router reports my line quality is OK, s/n 29db att. 27 db, but although I was getting real world speeds in excess of 2M at the old address, I'm getting less than 1M at the new address. Curiously my router is reporting exactly the same speed as yours 1152. I'm thinking this is an artificial limit set somewhere and have raised a support ticket with PN to see if they can resolve the issue.
Lets see what happens...

Posts: 12
Registered: 31-07-2007

Why still 1Mbps

Also raised a ticked and wait