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Why does it take so long to enable a new BT line for ADSL?


Why does it take so long to enable a new BT line for ADSL?

I recently moved into a new property with a new telephone line installation. I was amazed to read that I might have to wait up to 42 days to have my line enabled. Isn't that a bit like a company being in charge of my light switch telling me that I will have to ask for it to be switched on and only get light out of it 6 weeks later?! And, of course, that's if it's in an area that can get light, otherwise I'll have to make do with the candle.

I'm also being told that I live on the borders of being able to receive coverage. This is despite living 1/2 mile from the ADSL enabled exchange.

What's going on here? I think some arses in BT need some serious booting.

Why does it take so long to enable a new BT line for ADSL?

The 42 day wait is usualy while the system receives the details from BT that you are now in the property.

In most cases, this is usualy because the line has been previously activativated, and the details that it is now deactivated takr there time.

In other cases, because it is a new line, this also takes its time to filter into the system.

As for your distance away from the exchange. Yes, it may be true that you are 1/2 mile away, that does not mean that the underground cable took the same route as you.

While unlikely, it's very well possible that a property two doors away from the achnge could be out of reach for the very same reason.

It isn't that BT are preventing you from using your light switch, the fact remains BT are only contracted to provide you with voice services. AKA, thye don't have to supply the DSL to you at all.

This is the very nature of the system, and likely remain so fro some time to come.

I must note that your poll is a little biased and rather pointless.

re- B.T.

I think that the PlusNet forum for " ADSL " should be renamed =
" Lets Slag Off BT " for it seems that everyone who posts a message
in here is just taking a swipe at them because , "its taken 6 days to accivate
my adsl " or " I cant belive BT are charging me to transfer my number " etc , etc. etc.
BT are a HUGE company who have to look after thousands and thousands
of customers and miles and miles of cables and god knows what else.
They are only human like you and me , and not machines who can accivate your adsl line in the middle of the night in 10 seconds flat......

I dont work for BT and dont know anyone who does.
If BT are so bad - talk to someone who has NTL or similar
and see what they have to say..............................................

Thats my two pence worth. .......Oh and yes , very poor effort at humour
there with the " poll ".

Why does it take so long to enable a new BT line for ADSL?

I have worked for them and so I speak with first hand experience. If you have worse from elsewhere you're welcome to think they are wonderful but there is no good reason why things should take the time they take apart from line testing which, by its nature, has to take time to provide conclusive results.

British people put up with such crap service from companies like BT and I'm afraid it's down to over tolerant attitudes which means nothing ever gets done about it.

Why does it take so long to enable a new BT line for ADSL?

BT isnt the most fantastic company in the world , I agree , but
we are their paying customers and we do have a choice.
I personally would have all my dustbin men shot , but apart from complaining to a sixteen year old on the switchboard at the local council office , theres not much I can do about the service . BT on the other hand are a company fighting to keep my paying custom , and if that service is not to my liking I can tell them where to stick their phone line and go else where.
I had to wait over two weeks for my ADSL to be activated so I know of the frustration. And yes I agree , we put up with this crap but we are one of the only nations that will happily queue in the pooring rain for 4 hours...go figure. Cheesy

Why does it take so long to enable a new BT line for ADSL?

pointless poll lol