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Why Won't this connect?


Why Won't this connect?

Why, when i install this on a new hard drive it wont connect?
These are the settings that have been present on the OLD H/D
since day one, and ALWAYS connected
telephone # 0000000
Server Types
Log on to network
enable software compression
Allowed network protocols
IPX/SPX Compatible
TCP/IP Settings
Server Assligned IP address
Use IP Header compression
Use default gateway on remote network

Nothing else checked


Why Won't this connect?

What modem are you using?

Another note, NetBEUI & IPX/SPX Compatible should be unticked, as should "login to network".

These relate to copany networks that use further authentication systems, not with ISPs.

When setting up the modem, where you asked for a VPI and VCI?

Why Won't this connect?

Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL is the modem, and i wasnt asked forVPI and VCI.
As to the other sreetings - like i sat those were the ones installe from the very start, and have never failed to connect me yet.
Pretty weird huh?

Why Won't this connect?

Have you attempted "0,38" (including comma) as the phone number?

Why Won't this connect?

Look for an advanced set up menu ,crtl+c , ctrl+d,Alt+c,Alt+d,
sorry can't remember which.
You'd set VPI =0, VCI = 38.
Encap PPPOA.

Why Won't this connect?

Or Alt +P even. Smiley

Why Won't this connect?

Update on this:

I tried all those solutions, and a few of my own too, but all, alas to no avail Sad
So far its been tried on 4 different (new) hard drives, on at least 3 machines and on platforms from win 98 through to XP............... and it just WONT connect.

One thing i HAVE noticed is the fact that the password wont "stick" in the dialup window (it defaults to blank, with just the # and name of computer)
Would that have anything to do with it?
I am getting a bit desperate, as the only hard drive i can get a connection on, is this one, which has the settings as 1st mentioned and works fine................and its on its last legs Cry


Why Won't this connect?

Until your computer sucesfully connects for the first time, windows will not save the details.

Are you sure your username is and not ??

The next step is to attempt some diagnostic logins.

Try attempting the following usernames and passwords

Username: bt_test@startup_domain
Password: test

If that works, try
Password: test


Password: test

If they all fail, it sounds like a local issue to yourself, and I advise attempting to source alternative hardware to test, prior to submitting a fault or purchasing new hardware.

Why Won't this connect?

Changing hard drives, machines and operating systems will not cure the problem if you keep putting in the wrong data, such as passwords, protocols, VCI, modulation type etc. Double check the data needed :
login details (you are not a migrate from Breathepro are you??)
Modulation type
Authentication type

Other possibilities, but less likely, are:
Is the PCI modem correctly installed itself ??
Are you sure it is working and not gone defunct.

experiencing the same problems...

hi egremont, sounds like i'm suffering similar problems with the same modem. So at what point is yours failing? or what error message are displayed? I'm at work at the moment so cant remember exactly what mine does, but it appears to find an adsl line, but wont log on to the isp - reports modem not switched on and error 6** (i'll check these details and some others as soon as i get home)

Did you select the Wan or Lan drivers off the cd? I went for Wan as this appeared to be the drivers that supported RFC2364/PPPoA.


Why Won't this connect?

Look at The Mad House
for set up details, follow through the instructions
especially the advanced set up. Download and install drivers
from that Web site if you still have problems.