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Whoosh Test

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Whoosh Test

Hi all,

Has anyone had a whoosh test done before? I have asked PlusNet if they wouldn't mind testing my line, so I can see how much loss I have, in comparison with the new reach limits.

Should this give me a better indication if I can upgrade my dial-up connection to an ADSL package? The loss is 75dB tops so I've read.
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Whoosh Test

A woosh test can only be run on an ADSL activated line as far as I can remember so if you don't have ADSL PlusNet can't do a woosh test.

There are no longer any limits for a 512K connection, 60dB for 1Mb and 45dB for 2Mb. BT will will attempt to get 512K working on any line and will even do a home visit to change your master socket to get it working.

The only way to find out if you can get ADSL is to signup / upgrade to it and see what happens. In the unlikely event of it being refused you will get you activation fee and any other payments back.