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Which router or wireless connection???


Which router or wireless connection???


Anyone got any thoughts on what modem/router I should buy??

Also thinking of going the wireless connection route, so would need a wireless modem router with a seceond access point (is this what it is called) that a ethernet cable would connect into.

Want to set my PC with the router and then plug my PS2 into the access point so needs to have an ethernet port (the larger type connection not the small square one......not sure what they call the different sized ones)

Anyone got any thoughts and links to good places to buy also bearing in mind need to keep costs and down and in the UK.


Which router or wireless connection???

The best one is the netgear

It has the wireless and all you want at a good price


Ive had a BT Voyager 2000 connected by network cable to my PC and wireless to my laptop for over a month now with no probs.

The Router/Modem sits up on the second floor and the Laptop works everywhere including well out in the garden.

This is reviewed on the ADSLguide website.